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Mesologie combines the conventional and alternative medicine’s medical practice and aims at a new medical approach.

In Mesologie conventional and other methods of medicine are united to achieve an integral system in which the following basic assumptions are utilised:

  • The human being is central.

The whole of the human body is examined and where necessary treated.

No medical complaint or illness is considered in isolation.

The therapy is personal and varies from person to person.

  • The cause has priority.

The cause of your complaints is identified; complaints such as pain, tiredness, intestinal problems, etc. are considered as symptoms where the cause has to be established. Body and mind thus signal deeper causes.

  • Each symptom deserves attention.

Merely remedying symptoms with a drug is not necessarily enough because their origin may still have to be treated. Symptoms are never considered irrelevant. Each signal is part of a process and should receive attention through personal therapy.

To be able to combine a thorough overall knowledge is essential.

At the Academy for Mesologie the various subjects are lectured and combined into the integral and transparent entity of Mesologie.

The component parts of this integration are:

  • Conventional medicine (anatomy, physiology, pathology)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayur Veda
  • Homeopathy and related natural medicine
  • Electro Physiological Diagnostics (EPD)
  • In addition, knowledge and principles of vitamins and minerals (orthomolecular therapy), psychology and philosophy.

These specific areas may have a different electrical resistance from the surrounding skin which can therefore be measured.

Through functional disorders of a specific organ the resistance of the corresponding skin area may deviate from normal value.

It is, therefore, possible to isolate the cause of a symptom. Also in this way certain deficiencies, blockages, interferences, allergies, etc. can be established.

The principle of these measurements is identical to the electrocardiogram and electro-encephalogram principles. The diagnosis is made of the person: for example, skin eczema cannot be cured without considering the functions of intestines, lungs, kidneys, bladder, etc. or without considering the psyche.


  • When making an appointment it is necessary to complete and return a Questionnaire about your complaints and your medical history, etc.
  • Obviously the information will be fully confidential.
  • During the consultation it will be checked and discussed with you. If you are using or taking any medicines (including anticonceptives), herbs, vitamins, etc. please bring them with you to be checked.
  • The consultation could further consist of:

a. physical examination (posture, joints, muscles, skin, intestinal organs)

b. Electro Physical Diagnosis: up to approximately 100 points can be measured. The points to be measured are mainly located on your hands and feet and you will barely feel it

c. Pulse and tongue diagnosis in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayur Veda

The results of the examination will be discussed with you and a plan for the therapy will be developed. This could mean advising you to use homeopathic remedies and / or orthomolecular supplements (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, etc.). After 6 to 10 weeks a check up should take place and the therapy may have to be continued or adjusted as required.

Every type of medicine or treatment that can help or cure a patient should be considered in the therapy, provided it is not harmful in any way.

The word Mesologie is derived from the word “mesoderm”, meaning connective tissue by which the regulation of the body is controlled. This self-regulatory mechanism, which allows the human body to overcome a disease, is situated in the mesoderm.

In practice the following are often used:

  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, enzymes
  • Phytotherapy (herbal medicine)
  • Chinese and Ayur Veda herbs
  • Dietary advice